We care for our environment and accept we all have a positive role to play.

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Applying common sense and care to how we operate Pixelfish.

Over the last decade we have looked to improve and make sure our positive intentions result in positive action. There are a number of simple every day things we are committed to doing, helping us to be part of the wider shift needed to tackle climate change. These include but are not limited to:

  • Commuting to the studio off human power, walking, cycling or even running (when feeling energetic!)
  • Operating a paperless office
  • No unnecessary physical meetings, making use of video calls when appropriate
  • Receiving payments via digital means and no more cheques
  • Limiting our use of single-use plastics (eg. only buying takeaway coffees that use fully recyclable cups)
  • If having an extended period away from the desk, turning off devices rather than leaving on standby
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Creating things that genuinely help people.

Sustainability can take on several different meanings, from creating a sustainable business that thrives on its own, to environmental sustainability, helping to keep this beautiful planet we call home in good nick.

That’s why we strive to design and build brands and websites that are useful, creating real and positive impacts. By doing this and creating a sustainable business, we can in tandem focus upon where we can help minimise the environmental impact of projects.

Want To Create A Sustainable Project? Let's Talk


There are some fantastic startups and businesses out there that can help you become friendlier to the environment.
A couple we're part of:

Offset Planet

"Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything."

George Bernard Shaw