*If you're a sales ninja, this may not be worth your time reading, as it'll basically be me telling you how to suck eggs! If, on the other hand you are a fellow creative who would like a little help with sales, then please read on.

We know the whole sales process can appear a little daunting, often using terms the average Joe won’t know. Whilst using CRM systems are generally quite intuitive, there’s still a chance a few of you will need a little leg up with some of the terminology. With this in mind, we’ve put together a cheat sheet to help you get started.


Customer Relationship Management


Think of a lead as something that is a potential project — basically what can earn you a living!


Usually a company, organisation or individual, who you are either currently or looking to work with.


You can have many contacts per client. They are usually individuals who work for/represent that company.

Forecast Amount

How much money you expect to earn from this lead. As the lead progresses through the pipeline stages, it is worth updating this figure with your finished quote.

Success Probability

You can set the likelihood of the lead actually turning out to be successful when creating the lead. You can edit this probability from the Lead view, if the probability of success changes. This is useful to keep track of as it contributes to your weighted value on the dashboard.

Pipeline Stage(s)

A point at which a lead will reach in a pipeline, where something distinct is expected or needs to be done. An example of your process could be Enquiry -> Meeting -> Quote -> Contract.

Monthly Target

The financial target your team would like to meet for leads coming in to the business each month. It’s useful to make this achievable but only just!

Weighted Value

A value calculated by weighing up the value of all leads in your pipeline against the probability you have estimated that they will succeed. Simply put, if you gave a lead a value of £5,000 but a success probability of 50%, we’ll calculate the weighted value to be £2,500.