I've recently been having feedback from one of our clients that has helped reiterate in my mind the very important role a website can play in a businesses perception. There's something particularly satisfying about seeing a very real and tangible affect bestowed on a business in large part down to the website you've designed and made.

Our client Kings Bench Chambers, a Barristers Chambers based on the south coast of the UK had an incredibly outdated and error-strewn website. This meant the Chamber Clerks (the life blood of any Chambers) were too embarrassed to share the website with potential new members and Solicitors. Not ideal when it's these two things that are critical to a Chambers success!

The first task when trying to gain them as a new client and new project was helping to convince the old guard the investment of a new website was worthwhile. No small feat when you're talking with people who aren't particularly visual nor keen to part with their hard earned cash on something they don't fully understand the value in.

Fortunately for us they did take the plunge and I'm delighted to see all the things we worked hard on and promised have come to fruition, and more. 2019 has been their strongest year for new member acquisition, along with the new website providing greater presence within their sector. There's no more tangible an affect than seeing actual real-life humans join the cause and grow their team.

When prospective new members check out Kings Bench Chambers now, they no longer see a business that takes no pride in their outward appearance, but one that is strong, professional and knows their stuff. And all of this is simply garnered from viewing a website. Perceptions a funny thing isn't it, as behind the scenes it's exactly the same fantastic people who make the business tick and continually deliver their excellent service.

If you look at your own businesses website are you happy and confident with how you come across to others?